Project 3D Printing is focused on establishing an international digital community of VET schools and other educational organizations gathered in the issue of the creating the 3D printable projects.

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The video report about 3D models

The video report in regional TV station about our public presentation of produced 3D models.                                       

News 6

3D Models by students of the Slovenian School of Mechanical Engineering

Throughout of 2022/2023 school year, students of the 3rd year of VET program Mechanical Engineering from School of Mechanical Engineering, Geotechnics and Environment had been studied computer modeling as part of the vocational module Spatial modeling and documentation preparation. As a part of their final assignment, they described and produced 5 models representing different elements of Slovenian natural and cultural heritage (haystack, water mill). In doing so, students developed their professional and practical skills and at the same time they learned about the natural and cultural heritage of their home region.

News 5

Schools Put Together Teams and Select National Cultural Heritage Objects

Teams have been set up within three of the Bulgarian schools that take part in the 3D printing project - The National High School of Applied Arts "Trevnenska shkola", Tryavna, Maths and Science High School "Academician Ivan Gyuzelev", Gabrovo and SU "St' Paisiy Hilendarski", Zlatitsa. Furthermore, an important step has been taken: the careful selection of objects from the national cultural heritage that will serve as the focus of the project activity. Harnessing the power of 3D printing technology, these chosen artefacts will be meticulously recreated with attention to detail, celebrating and preserving the richness of the nation's cultural legacy.

News 4

Visiting the secondary school for the hearing impaired in Valašské Meziříčí

The first school involved in the 3D printing project is a secondary school for the hearing impaired in Valašské Meziříčí. On May 31, 2023, we took the opportunity to visit the school and greet all the gifted students who are actively involved in the project. It was great to meet a bunch of enthusiastic young people who shared 3D printing ideas with us. We discussed their ideas with individual students and selected the final 3D modules.

News 3

Euroface Consulting has purchased a 3D printer

As part of the 3D Printing project, Euroface Consulting purchased a 3D printer, which is available to all schools involved in the 3D Printing project. The 3D printer will allow students to transfer their models into practice, verify how the practical transfer works and the finished product is a reward for the effort devoted to the development of 3D models

News 2

Call for schools

In all participating countries the partners have started involvement of schools into the project. The planned aim is to involve at least three secondary vocational schools in each country into the activity about development the own 3D project on the topic of cultural / craft heritage. The involved schools will get access to the platform with all projects developed so far. Moreover, there will be opportunities to share experience and visit the School Centre in Velenje.

News 1

Kick-Off-meeting in Prague

The first meeting of the partners of the 3D Print project, which was hosted by Euroface Consulting, took place in Prague, on 18th October 2022. Project 3D Print targets at increasing technical skills and digital competences of VET students through the implementation of the new learning approaches while applying 3D printing in education. At the meeting, the partner organizations were first introduced, and then specific possibilities for the implementation of activities, the involvement of teachers and students, student motivation and the way to share the created 3D projects were discussed.